11/8/2017 9:51:56 AM

November is 'Fall Prevention Month' in Canada, a campaign that encourages organizations to raise awareness and educate people on the risks they face when falling. In the past, the target for this campaign has often been seniors but more action should be taken to prevent the actual issue, rather than responding when it's too late.
Middle-aged adults need to be targeted, as well as children and youth -- everyone can benefit and gain from proper movement mechanics.
In seniors, major injuries involve hip and thigh fractures, causing a cost increase to the health care system and a rise in mortality rates, because seniors typically lose their independence after a fall. In younger individuals, knee and shoulder injuries are the most common, which can cause lifelong mobility restrictions and pain. Keeping an organized house is the first order of business in fall prevention -- clearing pathways and floors from tripping hazards, wearing proper footwear and understanding the effects of certain medications are some things that can be done to prevent a fall. According to the Huron County Health Unit, it's the inactivity that does more damage than the fall itself.

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