4/14/2018 7:59:06 AM

A freezing rain warning continues to be in effect for our area.

Let's break down what we can expect over the 48 hours.

As the temperature falls to minus four this afternoon (Sat. April 14), already wet surfaces will freeze, which could cause dangerous driving conditions on untreated roads. The rain we've been experiencing will change over to freezing rain and then change over to ice pellets.

The weather agency says we could see a little bit of a break this evening, but freezing rain and ice pellets are still possible, with temperatures going down to a low of minus five.

The freezing rain will start back up again Sunday morning and will change over to rain later in the day.

By late Sunday we could ice build of 15 to 20 mm and we can also expect to see some strong winds gusting up to 60 km/h over the weekend. This may result in widespread power outages due to fallen tree limbs and power lines.

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