6/8/2018 12:23:14 AM

    The Ontario Progressive Conservatives gained 49 seats in Thursday nights election to win a majority government with 76 total seats which means Doug Ford is the new Premier. The NDP finished second with 39 seats up 21 from the last election, while the Liberal's lost official party status as they only gained 7 seats down 48 from the previous election. Locally Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Conservative candidate Monte McNaughton and Huron-Bruce candidate Lisa Thompson were reelected. Huron-Bruce's Lisa Thompson got 27,646 votes while second place Jan Johnstone got just over 15 thousand. Thompson was ecstatic after learning she won her re-election bid and told myFM that it is an absolute honour to win and she can't wait to get back to work for the people of Huron-Bruce. Thompson says that she has two major priorities locally.

She added that she will be pleased to serve in any role that she is asked to serve in the Ford government. myFM caught up with the second place candidate in Huron-Bruce Jan Johnstone who says despite the loss she believes seeds were planted for the NDP in the next election.

Third place candidate Liberal Don Matheson meanwhile tells myFM that a Conservative majority scares him.

In other election night, news former Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne resigned as the Liberal Leader, the Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner convincingly won the parties first-ever provincial seat, and the NDP are the official opposition.

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