6/11/2018 11:26:40 AM

    Ontario Provincial Police would like to remind everyone that you MUST stop for school buses. On May 28th, police were made aware of a vehicle that failed to stop when the stop arm was up and red lights were flashing. This was a very dangerous act that could have had fatal consequences. Police are reminding all drivers to slow down and to pay attention to the roadway. Drivers approaching a stopped school bus from the front with its overhead red signal-lights flashing shall stop in front of the school bus and not pass until the signals are turned off and the bus moves. Drivers approaching from the back must stop 20 metres behind the school bus. If convicted, a driver can be fined between $400 to $2,000 for a first offence and up to $1,000 - $ 4,000 or imprisonment for any incidents after that.

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