6/13/2018 11:30:44 AM

    The 2018 election is over, and now we have to give a chance for our new government to lead and fulfill their promises. One thing's for certain though, and that's the fact that this was a grueling campaign that clearly showed people wanted change. One thing that we could also be pretty sure of is that one of the big 3 parties was going to form government. Those parties being the Liberals, Conservatives or NDP. But they were certainly not the only parties that had candidates run for seats in Queens park. Here locally, we had 3 candidates that are not the traditional choice of many voters: The Trilliums, the Green and the Libertario party. Green Party Candidate Anthony Li says that the Green Party is working hard to get their message out there even without always being on traditional media venues

    Li adds that he personally has traveled almost 2000 kilometers in our riding to spread the message of the greens, and he hopes to continue that work in the future

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