7/10/2018 9:07:31 AM

    A total of 160 traffic related charges were laid by Huron OPP officers during the Canada Day long weekend. T he offences included 99 speeding charges, 4 Racing charges, 2 Impaired Driving charges and 1 charge for Distracted Driving. Huron OPP investigated a total of 16 collisions during the weekend as well. 5 of those collisions were single vehicle collisions involving deer. The most serious crash occurred south of Exeter on London Road near Whalen Line. An ambulance that had its lights and sirens on was travelling south on London Road just before midnight on July 1st. It was in the process of overtaking another vehicle, however the other driver turned left in front of the ambulance resulting in a serious crash. A total of six people were taken to hospital, all with non-life threatening injuries. There has been no word if the driver of the other vehicle will be charged

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