7/11/2018 8:59:46 AM

Bill C-45, the Act of Parliament that makes the recreational consumption of cannabis legal, passed the House of Commons in June, but won't be proclaimed until October 17th. Bill C-46 gives police new charges they can lay under the Criminal Code to counteract those who feel they can drive while impaired by drugs. It received royal assent June 21st. The new charges focus on the concentration of THC in the bloodstream, and are measured in nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml). It is an offence for low-level THC concentrations of 2 to less than 5 ng/ml, and that will be a $1,000 fine. An offence for higher-level THC concentrations exceeding 5 ng/ml is also a $1,000 fine and up to 120 days in jail. A third offence that recognizes the effects of combined marijuana and alcohol consumption; 50 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood plus 2.5 ng/ml or more of THC will equal a $1,000 fine to 120 days in jail. Police say it is important to note that the new offences apply to those with a medical authorization for cannabis.

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